Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Welcome to Minnesota!

(warning - intentional sarcasm ahead)

I live in the best. state. ever.

We have so many honest and hard-working politicians.

No one here would sink so low as to commit voter fraud.

You should move here. Ignore the cold and the snow. Think how lucky you are to have so many people looking out for you.


  1. thanks for warning me about the sarcasm. i never would have detected it otherwise. i figured you would be ecstatic over your newly 'elected' senator. he is a fine, fine man! many congrats to you and your highly intelligent state.

  2. All I know is that there are a lot of people who will never come here for sure.

    Love the new site!!!! Were you paying before? Uh, you do know it is not fall anymore though, don't you? haha!

    Just kidding, it's pretty!

  3. You forgot to mention how conservative a state it is. Also, how low our taxes are and how we have the lowest percentage of sarcastic people per capita in the union.

    Hey, Jamie? It's "A Catholic HARVEST", get it? Get it? Sheesh, even I got it and I'm a redhead.

  4. ahhh, i didnt get the harvest thing. did you actually mean to paula? really, cuz the harvest. i mean some corn or something would make more sense, no?

  5. I love my friends.

    I am all. about. fall.

    Truly, I did not think about "Harvest" when I picked this background. I am that witty, just not that particular day.

  6. Yeah, but he's smart, he's funny, and doggoneit people like him....NOT!

    Thanks for the link to your new blog.

  7. Glad to see your still blogging. I love the background. Where did you you find it. I'll with you on the all about fall thing. It's my favorite time of the year. Too bad it doesn't last as long as winter does here in Minnesota.


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