Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I forgot to explain about WATT day.

WATT stands for Walk Around The Table day.

A family tradition since I was in diapers! Basically, each person picks THREE things they want to eat. Those three things can be anything at all. There are no restrictions. Candy, treats, you name it. When I was younger I always picked M&M's, glazed donuts, and chicken.

Mom and Dad also pick more substantial food and beverages, like meats and cheese for sandwiches, gumbo, milk, that kind of thing.

The morning of WATT day mom gets up and puts everything on the table.

When you are hungry, you walk around the table, fill your plate, sit down in front of the TV, watch a football game, and eat. That's what you eat all day long. Nothing else.

It's a good way to get rid of leftovers, extra candy, etc. The kids have a blast.

Daybook 12-27-10 On the Third Day of Christmas...

Outside My Window...it is dark and clear and cold. Sun is just starting to rise. Rumors of a blizzard or rain this weekend. Hmmm.

I Am Listening To... Walk Like An Egyptian on Just Dance 2 (way-o-way-e-o) My daughter received this for Christmas and loves the workout. I received Wii Fit Plus. Thanks honey.

I Am Wearing... lounging attire (snort!) and new slippers. Warm slippers that fit. Yippee!

I Am Grateful For... what we already have. Yes, we always want more and always ask for more, but I am eternally grateful for what I already have and for where I live and for the family I was given

I Am Reading... still into Home Comforts. I am highlighting like crazy, running around purging the house and making new lists. I also read A Little Bit Wicked and The Christmas Doll. Both are excellent and I recommend the second one be added to your Christmas collection.

I Am Creating... cleaning lists, cleaning schedules, menu plans, a new home-keeping notebook.

Towards a Real Education... Vacation week!!

To Live the Liturgy... celebrating the Twelve Days of Christmas all week, and of course WATT day on Friday!!

I Am Hoping and Praying... for friends and families who've lost their mom this week. My Grandma died right before Christmas in 1976, Marion died last year on January 1, and close friends of my husband lost their mother on Wednesday.

From the Kitchen... Venison. Something with Venison. The menu says Tater Tot Hotdish but I'd rather have steak. Time to pull out the cookbooks...

One of my Favorite Things... Netflix. Watched the entire Pushing Daisies series. Great writing. I wish it was still on.

A Few Plans for the rest of the Week... eye doctor, Mass, LHOTP show at our Library, Swimming, ringing in the New Year!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Daybook 12-20-10

Outside My Window... cold and snowy, snowy and cold, with more snow on the way

I Am Listening To...my husband and my daughter, both snoring

I Am Wearing... pj's and robe, ready to dash into the shower

I Am Grateful For... Jesus, Jesus, Jesus

I Am Reading... Home Comforts I borrowed this from the library last year and finally found my own copy yesterday at Goodwill!

I Am Creating... a plan involving dieting, exercising, cleaning, purging, you-name-it

Towards a Real Education... only three days of lessons this week, then Christmas vacation!

To Live the Liturgy... O Antiphons, Nativity of Our Lord

I Am Hoping and Praying... that everyone else in the house gets better quickly!

From the Kitchen... rotisserie chicken, rice, corn...I really like having a menu plan

One of my Favorite Things... early mornings when I'm the only one awake

A Few Plans for the rest of the Week... I really want to go see the Christmas light display here

Monday, December 13, 2010

Daybook 12-13-10

Outside My Window... 20 below zero and piles of snow. Thankfully our roof stayed in place.

I Am Listening To...the hum of the furnace. I've never truly appreciated it until today.

I Am Wearing... pajama's. I'm still sick and have no desire to change into clothes.

I Am Grateful For... tractors and husbands who know how to use them.

I Am Reading... many Advent and Christmas books. Still.

I Am Creating... nothing.

Towards a Real Education... Term 2, week 6 - more Advent, less everything else

To Live the Liturgy... St. Lucy, St. John of the Cross, O Antiphons

I Am Hoping and Praying... to get better. Pneumonia has really thrown a wrench in plans.

From the Kitchen... rotisserie chicken, rice, cauliflower and corn, banana bread...I love our freezers

One of my Favorite Things... snuggling on the couch

A Few Plans for the rest of the Week... get better!!

A Picture Thought... still no pictures...

Monday, December 6, 2010

Daybook 12-06-10

Outside My Window... cold and dark

I Am Listening To...GI Joe...don't ask

I Am Wearing... camo pajama's

I Am Grateful For... my husband

I Am Reading... many, many Advent and Christmas books

I Am Thinking... about our daily Advent activities

I Am Creating... a clean and healthy home

Towards a Real Education... Term 2, week 5 - more Advent, less everything else

To Live the Liturgy... St. Nicholas, Immaculate Conception, Our Lady of Guadalupe

I Am Hoping and Praying... for a faith-filled Advent

From the Kitchen... Venison wraps

One of my Favorite Things... Vikings and Saints both won!

A Few Plans for the rest of the Week... eye doctor visits...

A Picture Thought... no pictures this week - the camera is resting...

Thursday, December 2, 2010

O Eve!

I saw this at Charlotte's and I have to share.

My mother, my daughter, life-giving Eve,

Do not be ashamed, do not grieve.

The former things have passed away,

Our God has brought us to a New Day.

See, I am with Child,

Through whom all will be reconciled.

O Eve! My sister, my friend,

We will rejoice together,


Life without end.

~ Sr. Columba Guare

You can listen here.