Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Purse/Tote Meme with picture

Yes, that's me.
I cannot take my own picture. Ugh.

Jamie so wonderfully tagged me for this meme. I hope you are all getting a good chuckle out of my purse.

Can you see it?

In my hand?

It's blue denim.

It currently holds:
  • one drivers license
  • 4 credit cards
  • 1 Sam's card
  • 1 library card
  • 1 HSLDA membership card
  • 4 medical/dental insurance cards
  • 1 auto insurance card
  • 1 hunting/fishing license
  • 1 child ID card (why only one?...)
  • 5 gift cards
  • 1 blackjack reference card (I don't know why)
  • 1 list of important numbers (I don't have a cell phone)
  • and one single dollar bill.

I haven't carried a purse in years. I didn't like always have to readjust it on my shoulder OR putting my head through the strap and emphasising my figure. Plus, I'd rather hold my kids hands than a purse handle.

This little wallet fits in the pocket of my jeans in the summer and my coat in the winter. I have my keys on a ring with a latch hook on them, and they get attached to the belt loop of my jeans.

A perfect hands-free solution.

Oh, the shirt? Sweatshirt. Cabella's. On sale. Like everything else I buy.

I tag Juli, Regina, Laura, Shelley, Laura, Theresa and Megan.


  1. Wow!!! I am sooooooo impressed!!! You must wear man jeans!!!!! haha!

    You look as beautiful as ever! Did I tell you my husband loves redheads? He does. Well, he likes red hair, not sure if he likes redheads.

    Thanks for playing along!!

  2. Hey that would be a great meme, what is in our purses! You'd be done already. What about that special time each month? What do you do then? Oh, man pockets, I get it.

    Just kidding, really, what do you do?

  3. so what is the meme? post a pic of our purse and tell what is in it??

  4. Paula I can not say I have ever seen your purse in your front pocket?? No really I don't think I have?
    If we go somewhere you keep it in the van and put the cash in your pocket?

    Your lil purse puts me & my duluth pak to shame shame...I don't think the girls would want me to hold there hands anymore.

  5. Oh for fun!!! I'll get to this soon. I'm impressed. I carry luggage for a purse, lol.

  6. First of all, you are BEAUTIFUL, Paula. Nice to 'see' you.
    Your purse is so tiny, I can hardly see it. So it's probably cute.

    What am I being tagged for? To show my purse?? I haven't been using one for years...just started again. My friend is a bag designer and made me a BEAUTIFUL one for my birthday. So what do I do?
    I'm not so good at this tagged stuff. Should I chase you? lol

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  8. I think it's pretty smart to minimize or simplify. You have it down to the essentials and that is IT my friend. Often, I just shove my wallet in my coat pocket (in poorer weather) and my back (jeans) pocket (in nicer weather). My purse has never held a comb, brush or any other make-up item than lipstick or Berts Bees. I can't bother to carry about a bunch of junk I "might" need. Ugh. I LOVED this post!!


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