Friday, January 9, 2009

4H Friday

We've been members of our homeschool co-op 4H group for 3 years.

It's a great group and the kids enjoy the meetings and field trips, but I've never pushed them to do the project workbooks, simply because they are not home the week of the County Fair. (If you're not involved in 4H, the County Fair is a Big Deal).

I haven't bothered to look at the calendar to check if they will be home this year, but I have an abundance of 4H project workbooks, so they each picked one today and started working. The plan is to have them work on them anytime during the week, and I'll check it on Fridays.

Princess is going to focus on dogs, using "her" Golden Retriever. (If you follow Margaret's blog, our dogs are the proud parents of Ellie.)

Here are the obligatory pictures for the beginning of the project workbook.

The dog is NOT growling.

She does this when we pull out the camera.

I'm not joking.

St. George picked pre-flight, so he is learning all about rockets and planes and spaces.

I'd love to get in touch with my old friend Heidi so he could ask her questions!


  1. could you ever imagine a Golden growling?
    Me neither! it just doesn't happen.

    i love that fact that she bares her teeth for the camera. You must be so proud.


  2. oh no, my sil had a wicked tempered golden. she HATED kids. they finally had to put the dog down because she would sometimes get out and go after kids in the neighborhood.
    good for you overachieving kiddos

  3. Ruby also has a child that wipes her feet on the door mat remember? LOL...Must be something in that jean pool up there at the "S" house! :)
    LOVE it ..

  4. My goodness, does Ellie ever look like her momma!

    On a nonrelated but grateful note, it was great to see you today, Sweetie. :)


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