Friday, February 11, 2011

Fix It Up Friday

Today we are looking at the main floor bathroom. I took two pictures because I noticed the wall color changes in pictures depending on the lighting. I also see that when the lights are off the glass globes around the bulbs look like the rest of the fixture.

My questions today are (1) should I paint the light fixture an oil-rubbed bronze color and (2) should I paint the covers of the glass cotton ball and cotton swab containers and oil-rubbed bronze?

The towel hook, faucet, toothbrush holder, soap container, switchplate covers, magnifying mirror and all the drawer and cabinet knobs are oil-rubbed bronze. The mirror is wood, but very dark so it looks like everything else.


  1. i would say yes to the light fixture, no to the containers. love the dark colors

  2. Hi Paula, I agree with Regina. I like the clear glass containers.

  3. I say paint them all. Also, ditch the teeny mirror (P.S. ERIC...stupid place for the outlet, big time). I found a HUGE one at TJ maxx for almost nothing (a huge MIRROR, not a huge Eric). You need a bigger mirror to admire your gorgeousness all the better. Also, how is there room for your hubs to flex his awesome biceps in that puny thing?

  4. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog-I like yours as well! I would say yes to painting the light fixure and container covers. An idea for the mirror would be to have a plate mirror cut to size with hole cut for the outlet...I know I've see mirrored switch plate covers...and it would really open up the space.


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