Friday, February 4, 2011

Fix It Up Friday

A new feature!

How would you like to help me redesign, redecorate, reorganize, re-anything my home? I have run out of ideas and I need inspiration.

I'll tell you what I like - warm autumn colors and clutter-free horizontal spaces. I like aspects of many design styles, but would not want a room filled with only one style.

So, here are a few pictures of our kitchen/living room/my office/winter homeschool room.

For reference, the room is 15' 7" wide by 25' long. The oven and sink are on the south wall, and there are sliding glass doors on the north wall of the living room.

Yes, that is a stuffed carp on the wall. It's a record. It can't be moved.

Have fun!


  1. Hi Paula, what a great way to get ideas to decorate or design your space. I love your island/table. I have an island and in retrospect, I wish we had gotten one which had seating. So definitely keep that!

  2. Your place looks great just the way it is. Save time and I LUB the carp! My fav.

  3. Paula, I thought I posted awhile back but I don't see it. Hmmmm...

    Try again. :-)

    I love the autumn feel of the room as well. And I adore your little island. I want one so bad!

    I completely understand the carp on the wall. My oldest ds is a hunter/fisher. Lucky for me he has his own place so his mounts go on his walls and not mine. lol I feel for his future wife though. lol

  4. Love your colors and the island is awesome!! Maybe a quick change would be to paint the wall with the sliding door a burnt orange color (Benjamin Moore HC-50 Audobon Russet would be good-you can check it out on the BM wesite color viewer), for the kitchen you could inexpensively add cermaic tile or pressed time ceiling squares on your backsplash. I understand about the fish-believe it or not, my Dad had a full size mountain lion mounted on a log in out living room growing up-never thought it was strange as a child, but now..... Also maybe a wood blind in the kitchen window would be nice. Just a few thoughts-looks like you are doing niicely on your own. :)


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