Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I forgot to explain about WATT day.

WATT stands for Walk Around The Table day.

A family tradition since I was in diapers! Basically, each person picks THREE things they want to eat. Those three things can be anything at all. There are no restrictions. Candy, treats, you name it. When I was younger I always picked M&M's, glazed donuts, and chicken.

Mom and Dad also pick more substantial food and beverages, like meats and cheese for sandwiches, gumbo, milk, that kind of thing.

The morning of WATT day mom gets up and puts everything on the table.

When you are hungry, you walk around the table, fill your plate, sit down in front of the TV, watch a football game, and eat. That's what you eat all day long. Nothing else.

It's a good way to get rid of leftovers, extra candy, etc. The kids have a blast.


  1. Oh, that's neat! You answered my question before I asked it!

  2. Well I thought I might never know. ; ) INSPIRING! I'll be doing this in 2011 now, and credit you and your family. <3


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