Monday, January 3, 2011

Daybook 01-03-11 Lords A-Leaping!

Yes, it's the Tenth Day of Christmas!

Outside My is still dark and clear and cold. Will this ever end??

I Am Listening To... silence. Strike that. I am now hearing ice falling off the house.

I Am Wearing... my jammies as I'm ready to step into the shower.

I Am Grateful For... working toilets. Finally.

I Am Reading... still reading Home Comforts. I'm reading this one slowly, contemplating all the ideas and choosing which to try and incorporate. This will be a long process.

I Am Creating... a new desk liturgical/family life perpetual calendar. I've kicked the idea around for awhile. I'd love feedback, so if you are interested in seeing it leave a comment and I'll send you a pdf of January.

Towards a Real Education... Back to school!

To Live the Liturgy... finish celebrating the Twelve Days of Christmas, Most Holy name of Jesus, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, St. John Neumann, Epiphany!

I Am Hoping and Praying... for friends who lost their baby this past week, and for other friends experiencing pregnancy after losing a baby; my step-father's knee surgery is today and I'm praying everything goes well.

From the Kitchen... would you believe we still have leftovers from WATT day? The roads were terrible so only my In-Laws were able to drive over, and they ended up in the ditch about 1/4 mile south of our driveway.

One of my Favorite Things... Mass.

A Few Plans for the rest of the Week... Dentist visits, wrestling, dance...

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