Monday, November 1, 2010

KidSing 2010

This past weekend my daughter was fortunate to be invited to participate in KidSing. For those of you in Central Minnesota, KidSing is an annual event co-sponsored by The St. John's Boys Choir and the SCSU Cantabile Girls'Choir.

From the website....

The St. John's Boys' Choir in collaboration with the SCSU Cantabile Girls' Choir will invite 100 area school children to spend the day with them - singing, playing games, having fun, and making new friends. All children will spend the day in workshops and activities with conductors André Heywood, Sarah Cohen, Betsy Eickhoff and Brandon Nordhues. The day will conclude with a concert for the community at 4:00 pm in Ritsche Auditorium.

My daughter loved every minute of her day. So much so that she has asked to audition next year for the Cantabile Choir. They spent the day learning how to sing in a choir, which I have not been able to teach her as a homeschooler.

If you are able to have your kids participate next year, do it.


  1. Awesome! Good for her. Sounds like it was a rewarding and inspiring experience for her.


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