Monday, November 15, 2010

Daybook 11-15-10

Outside My Window... c-c-c-cold and snow

I Am Listening To... the washer and dryer

I Am Wearing... camo pajama pants and a t-shirt

I Am Grateful For... the opportunity to make online friends IRL friends

I Am Reading... Clockers...sorry, Simcha, I don't like it

I Am Thinking... about Thanksgiving plans

I Am Creating... Advent plans

Towards a Real Education... week 2 of term 2

To Live the Liturgy... St Elizabeth of Hungary, St Rose Philippine Duchesne

I Am Hoping and Praying... for friends and babies

From the Kitchen... Beaver Stew

One of my Favorite Things... babies at Mass

A Few Plans for the rest of the Week... dance class, french class, blood tests

A Picture Thought...


  1. Sounds like a good day, Paula! Snow...I still can hardly get over it. None here yet. The 'Beaver Stew' gave me pause. For real? Say it isn't so... ! I hope someday, I am a IRL friend of yours.

  2. St Rose Philippine Duchesne is one of our Patroness here at the Academy. We're having a beautiful Mass tomorrow morning. I had never heard of her till I came here. She's very inspirational.

    Enjoy the snow.


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