Monday, November 29, 2010

Daybook 11-29-10

Outside My Window... it's snowing. Big, beautiful white flakes. We are supposed to get quite the storm today. Kids are excited!

I Am Listening To... the furnace kicking on. There is also an annoying high-pitched squeal coming from the large freezer.

I Am Wearing... comfy t-shirt, pink fleece pants, wool socks

I Am Grateful For... so many things, family, friends, ability to homeschool, full freezers

I Am Reading... many, many, many Advent and Christmas books

I Am Thinking... about our daily Advent activities

I Am Creating... a clean and healthy home

Towards a Real Education... Term 2, week 4 - incorporating Advent and Christmas into all lessons this month

To Live the Liturgy... Advent! St. Andrew, St. Francis Xavier, start Immaculate Conception and Our Lady of Guadalupe Novenas

I Am Hoping and Praying... for a faith-filled Advent

From the Kitchen... Chicken in Mushroom Gravy in the slow-cooker

One of my Favorite Things... winning football teams - Go Vikes!!

A Few Plans for the rest of the Week... more dentist visits...

A Picture Thought... Choir Christmas Concert this weekend

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  1. I love reading your Daybooks. It still has not snowed here. Last year, we had a whopper of a storm, 4 days before Christmas, which made a white Christmas, guaranteed. We've also had years with none. I want another white Christmas.


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