Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My. Fifty. Cent. Find.

VINTAGE Catherine Holm Yellow Lotus bowls. BOWLS!! TWO of them!!

I was at a garage sale last Thursday, several hours after opening. I didn't think I'd find anything, but I was killing time in town so decided to stop and have a looksee. Only a few tables, mostly puzzles, games, clothes, and some knick-knacks. I spied these and wandered over to take a better look. Very good shape. VERY GOOD SHAPE.


No price tag.

The seller was talking to someone else, so I patiently waited. And waited. And waited. (seriously, if I'm holding something and obviously want to buy it could you stop talking gossip and wait on me??)

Finally they wrapped up their discussion and I was able to ask her the price. I fully expected to have to write a check for the bowls.

She said, "fifty cents for both of them."

I could NOT get the quarters out of my wallet fast enough.

I’m linking up with Nester’s I {heart} Yard Sales party!


  1. I love them! Will they fit in my suitcase?


  2. Wow! Clearly they were clueless about what they were selling, huh? Kind of like {A]'s pin.


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