Friday, June 3, 2011

Fix It Up Friday is back

...and I need help with (gasp) the master bedroom.

You can't tell from the pictures (time for a new camera honey!) but the walls are a very calming and relaxing green. It is important to note that Eric is happy with
everything in the room.

I don't like the way the bed looks after I make it in the morning.

Yes, I am one of those women.

I make the bed every. morning. like. clockwork.

Even in a hotel.

OCD much??

Here are pictures I took a few minutes ago. I had to have the lights on because it is raining. again.

Don't 'cha love the headboard??? It's priceless...

I look at these pictures and I feel that both the bed and the bench need pillows, but I'm at a loss as to size, style, color, texture, etc.

Main colors in the room are off-white-ivory-cream, brown, and green. There is a lot of wood and tile, and a nubby rug (which you can barely see in the pictures).

I'm open to suggestions.

Oh, and here's the end result of the bathroom.....

Why are the colors coming out so yucky on my blog? It's a very beautiful coffee-kahlua-cream kind of color, not this barfy-diaper color.


  1. Hi Paula,

    Your bathroom looks very nice! How long did it take to remodel? And I must say that we don't have a headboard either and you're lucky because you have a wonderful window view with lots of light shining through!

  2. The bathroom came out great!! The colors in your photos come out wrong because they are not white balanced. Although that explanation probably does not help yet. lol.

    Pillows that include the colors in your bedroom, are suitable - whether solid or mixed. The things is, extra pillows are not going to look right on your bed, when you sleeping pillows can not be propped up, because there is no headboard. They will just hide your head pillows, by standing up somewhat in front of them, and it'll probably all still look wrong. So my first suggestion, is a headboard! ; ) Now I know you and are one in the same, so I am going to tell you what "I" am going to use as a headboard when we re-do our bedroom over, and I am thinking you will probably love the idea. Ready? An old door, or a shudder, attached horizontally. Possibly with a variety of doorknobs across the top. THEN....all of your pillows will prop up nicely.

    The bench (which I love...) does not appear to have any side handles/rails? So the most you could do, just for a little decor there, is to use little, little pillows.

    I;m not Martha, but that's what I've got for you today. : )

  3. Noreen, thanks! I really didn't have to do a lot to the bathroom, and if it had all been done at the same time with the proper working tools, it would have taken one day. Since that is just a dream, it took weeks. I really do love my window headboard!

    Laura, you are the best! But you need to do a post on white balance for no-clue-point-and-shoot-camera-owners like ME! And I call you martha.....


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