Saturday, May 14, 2011

Garage sale finds....LONG post

This weekend was the city-wide garage sale in our town. It started Thursday, when the weather was much nicer than today. I hit two or three sales on Thursday and 10 or so on Friday.

Here's what I bought...I spent less than $80...

Cute as is, although I may paint it a different color. I'm planning on hanging in my laundry room.

Picture one letter on each of these tiny plaques, spelling out a name, then lining them up in one large frame.

I've been looking for one of these so I can quit borrowing from my friend, my sister, my church. This even has the optional 3-pan server!

I've been looking at different options for bedside lamps, but haven't liked anything. Until I saw two of these. Perfect!

I also found two bedside tables that will work much better for both of us. Here's mine...

and here's his...

I few weeks ago I found an oval frame, and the plan was to have a mirror made for it. Instead, I found this larger oval mirror. All I have to do is spray paint the frame. I'm thinking turquoise...

Not sure where I will put this scale, but I fell in love with the patina and the numbers!

An old baking powder tin from the K. C. Baking Powder company. Love the colors!

Ugly, I know. I want to spray paint it white and use old stencils for a personalized welcome message.

Call me crazy, but I LOVE this baby scale! It is sitting on my kitchen table filled with loaves of bread.

Nice sturdy laundry cart with a shelf to hold up the bag when it is overflowing!

And the absolute BEST. GARAGE. SALE. FIND. EVER.........

From the Paramount Theatre....currently resting on my property....



  1. Wow!! Very cool! My favorite is the Paramount chairs--how cool is that?

    Where are you going to put them?

    I love your imagination.

    My parents bought us one of those cookers for Christmas this past year...I forgot I had it til I saw your picture!!

  2. I can't believe you got so much, for $80!! You did really well!! I love both of your scales, and I love your plans for everything. You must have had a blast, hitting all of those sales. I would have!!

    Thanks for sharing. It's so fun to see other people SCORES!! : )


  3. awesome booty! lovelove the bedside lamps, and the mirror, and those movie seats are too cool.

  4. Great job! I LOVE the old kitchen scale! I've been looking for one of those....
    the bedside lamps and your bedside table rock.

    I've got a roaster with the three divided servers - use it ALL THE TIME when the family is home, and during the holidays.

  5. Hi Paula, you have some fantastic garage sale treasure! Definitely go with spray painting the oval mirror frame turqouise. That would look very cool. Where do you plan to put the movie seats?

  6. Paula, I just can't believe you got so many beautiful treasures for so little money. We live in one of those places tourists like to visit on the weekends. We have a number of antique and old wares stores packed with gorgeous furniture etc but prices are so expensive, aimed at the visitors. I love garage sales but never seem to get there early enough! You certainly have a talent, a eye for possibilities. God bless.


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