Monday, May 2, 2011

Daybook 05-02-11

Outside the window... It's cold and gray and dreary. The temperature is more than 20 degrees below the average. My gardening is so. very. far. behind.

Getting an earful of... peace and quiet.

Grateful for... my life and family. Every day.

Reading... Behemoth. Fascinating teen fiction about alternative events leading to WWI.

Home Learning... we've taken a break for the week.

Liturgical Year... St. Athanasius, Sts. Philip and James...

Hoping and Praying... we had to put a cherished family dog down, and the kids are devastated.

The Kitchen... leftover church hotdish. My son celebrated his First HOly Communion yesterday, and I always make too much food.

Favorite Things... garage sales. WAIT till you see what I bought!

Plans for the Week... cuddling with children, shopping trips, decorating...


  1. Hurry up, Paula.... I can't wait to see your new garage sale find!

  2. Hi Paula, I'm curious too on your garage sale finds! Thanks for the book tip.

  3. i would love to share your joy!
    your'e invited to share at my (perpetual) linky party, FIRST COMMUNION JOY.

    pax Christi - lena


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