Monday, February 1, 2010

September 1979

Proof of how long I've been a fan.....can you guess who?


  1. ummmm.... YOU!!?
    boy you really got around, huh?


  2. Nice glasses, I wish I had a pair like that.

  3. did you have to lay on the bed to zip those pants up? no clue who any of these people are, though i will have tug look when he gets back from alaska in a week

  4. Wow! What a sexy little number you were back in the day.....when I was only 10 years old, you old lady!!! You're still pretty darn hot!

    I'm guessing Vikes fan? Or some kind of football fan?

    Those were nice glasses!

  5. That first guy has his hand almost on your boob!

    2nd guess old fashioned speed dating?

  6. those guys don't look big enough to be football players, but that was back in the day before steroids, right?

  7. I was just wondering....(cuz it just dawned on me, and I'm a bit slow....)
    Did you "plan" on teaching a COOP class all about Louisiana right before the Superbowl or was that just a coinkidink?
    Can I ask that and still be your friend?
    I should go now, right?

    (We'll make our mardigras masks purple & yellow with horns and yellow braids coming out of them if you like.
    See you tomorrow ;)


  8. I'm slow here, but you never answered our guesses?

  9. Oh oh oh, I know the answer: "Who are the Vikings?"

    : ) Ok, I cheated. Google is my best friend. lol. In the 5th one down, I thought for a second you were with LeRoy, from Faaaaame! (You know...the one who wants to live forever..)

    You really are a cute little thing.


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