Tuesday, February 9, 2010

For Gardenia...

because she asked, too...

At the time of the pictures, they all played for the Minnesota Vikings. This was before the Mall of America, before the Dome in Minneapolis.

The Vikings used to practice at Midway Stadium off Snelling Avenue in St. Paul, not even a mile south of the State Fair Grounds. I took a city bus to school, and would watch them practice every day. Many times we would get off the bus, hang out at the field and take pictures, and then take a later bus home. On this particular day the players were in a great mood, and not only did we get pictures with them, but we got autographs.

I've been a fan a LONG time....


  1. wow. I don't think my name has ever appeared in the title of a blog post before. {blush} and thank you for the explanation. I was wondering if they were the beach boys or something. really. and I totaly forgot that ahmad rashad once played football -- I only rememebr him as the sports announcer. but I WAS around when he was playing ball, I'm sure. I rememebr when he proposed to falecia when he was announcing a game.

  2. Oh I was right. I mean, Google was right. lol. Can you tell I read posts in chronological order? lol

    What are you getting me back? I have to fill in my info every post now...lol


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