Saturday, August 8, 2009

Where were you .....

…when 911 happened? I had just pulled into the parking lot at work when I heard the news on the radio. I raced inside and told my co-workers what had happened. We hooked up a TV and watched the news all day.

….when Kennedy was shot? My mom says I was sleeping in my crib.

….when Elvis died? My mom and I were driving to Har-Mar mall and heard the news on the radio. She cried.

….when Princess Diana died? In Wisconsin at a friend's campground/resort.

….when OJ Simpson verdict came down? In the auditorium at college. Administration thought it was a good idea to broadcast the decision for all the students. The vast majority of the student body was black, and many of those students jumped up clapping their hands.

….when Michael Jackson died? did he die?

….when John Lennon died? On my way to Afton to go skiing and heard it on the radio.

….when Waco Branch Davidian cult complex burned down? I don't know

….when Challenger space shuttle blew up(1986)? I was working at Rosedale and hear it on the news. You could have heard a pin drop in there.

….when JFK Jr.s plane went down? I don't know

HT: Paula


  1. this is kinda fun, though i would have to say 'not alive' for a few of those

  2. :) Some of the really date you!


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