Saturday, August 22, 2009

For Laura

because she asked...

next to the front door.... doesn't EVERYONE have a steer skull?

the only flower garden on the property....home of the BEE or SPIDER...

panoramic view....

the picture above shows two of the vegetable gardens...these are tomatoes, peppers, peas, raspberries, zucchini and strawberries

Looks like some weird zucchini growing...

the largest vegetable garden....corn, peas, cabbage, potatoes, tomatoes

garlic and onions in the rock garden

potatoes, peas and beans in the fenced garden....and a boat....

From my garden to yours with love!


  1. LOVED IT!! And man, you grow some good-lookin' zucchini around there!! lol. : )
    I enlarged every photo so I could take a really good gander. The LAND you have....what a blessing to look out at that every day! All those gardens must be a lot to keep up with, but how bountiful! You're growing just about everything! I wish we had room to grow corn. : / Looks like you do quite a bit of mowing too, pretty far out!
    I'm sure it wasn't quite the same as coming out to see it in person, but we (Michael and I) enjoyed it nonetheless! Thanks for showing us around your homestead, Paula! XOXOXO

  2. Love how your gardens are layed out. Easier to maintain!

  3. Wow, Gods Country!! I love the country. Your land is beautiful and sooo green. I also love that cute zuke, I bet it's a prize winner!!

    Thanks for the pictures! I love your gardens!

  4. Hi Cam, I had left you something to recognize your sweet blog over on my "Catholic" blog dated August 16th. Please stop by to pick it up. Also, I think you'd really enjoy following my La Bella Vita blog about life in the country, gardening and recipes....we have a lot in common! Again, stop by for your recognition award. Blessings, Roz (aka Bella)

  5. so very very very very very very.... jealous.
    you are blessed!
    and i nominate YOU for the first ever blogger reunion! i think we could all fit.


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