Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Our Learning Room

We are blessed to have an unused family room that has been turned into a Learning Room. We do most of our table lessons here during the summer. We move to the kitchen in the winter months. Hey, it gets cold here!

Back on Valentine's Day I received the beautiful handmade bookcases from my husband and his father. I am in a constant state of purging, as I have been told I won't be receiving anymore....

Here are the maps and language arts ideas. You can even see the postcards received from our 4Real exchange!
Here are the bookcases. Ignore the TV on the floor, it is going to a friend next week.

Here is our sometime reading area with a view of three of our six gardens.

Yes, six.

Please don't ask me why we have six smaller gardens instead of one large garden. I don't make those decisions.

The other end of the reading couch with views of the patio, fire pit, cornfield, creek, and bear path.

Yes, that is a treadmill.

Yes, I use it.

Half marathon, here I come!!!

Another view of our nature wonderland...

After Jennifer's breathtaking post, I had to rearrange our art supplies.

I love the colored pencils and markers in glass jars on the windowsill. When the sun hits them at the right angle the room feels like it is in the middle of a rainbow. I'm working on the rest of our craft supplies.

I really thought when I received the bookcases that there wouldn't be any other storage-type furniture in the room.

I thought wrong.

Hope you enjoyed your tour!


  1. Enjoyed my tour...thoroughly!
    You are blessed indeed to have this learning area. :-)

  2. I love the colored pencils in the window!

  3. Your blog looks great Paula. And your learning room does too. I wish you well with the half marathon. I'm going to shoot for a 5K in December. I'll have to get off the couch first though.

  4. Oh, I LOVE the learning room, Paula!!! I'm drooling over those shelves!!!! They're awesome!! And, I'm lovin' ;) your colored pencils all pretty in the window...a little sunshine...a little Lyra color pencil...what more does anyone want or need?

    These are great spaces!!!

  5. Wow!! I love your learning room!! I love the views, love the country and all you did!

    1/2 marathon? Good for you!! I'm proud of you!

  6. We are about to start renovating our end room to be a family room/home school room. Now that I have seen yours, I want to start it today. I just need to be a bit more patient with my husband though.

  7. love the way you have organised your room,especially your art supplies. What wonderful views you have from your room, it looks like you can bring the outside in with all those windows,terrific!Mind you if it weren't for the books I'm dying to read on your shelves I don't think I could take my eyes away from all that nature

  8. loooooks awesome and inspiring for learning!

  9. Wow, what a great place for learning (I love the shelves and the art supplies setup), and your property is wonderful, too! (Hey, who says you have to be limited to one garden, anyway?) :)

  10. Coloured pencils!

    I put the crayons in the window... they didn't like the heat:-(

    This looks great:-)

  11. Well I am stil sooooo jealous of that bookcase! Goodness could I use of those. I could get my dh to build me one in a heartbeat, but we don't have a wall like that to put it! Our home is loaded with huge windows everywhere.
    Frankly, I could really use that readmill too. I think I would walk a lot more if I had one - without worrying about what I look like, the weather, the uneven terrain that makes my hips ache.
    I love your organized spaces and art area. How in the world did you get bunches of colored pencils in the same color like that. It looks wicked cool, but my kids would really use them! They alwasy seem to need a color someone else is using. lol
    I did get sucked into "Jennifer's breathtaking post". I'll say!! That is one AMAZING make-shift classroom, if I ever saw one!


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