Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Magnificat? Magnificent!

This is my first review for the Catholic Company.

Many of my online and IRL friends have a subscription to Magnificat. I have never succumbed. I have also never seen an issue.

Oh, what I have been missing!

Each monthly issue, which is the size of a small paperback novel, is filled with inspiration.

Every day starts with a morning prayer, a hymn, and a psalm. They really help to set the mood for the day. I know they stir my soul! Also included is the text for the Mass that day, with all the prayers and Gospel readings. Next up is the meditation of the day, which really makes me stop and reflect on the day ahead. It is always thought-provoking. This is followed by evening prayers, and then an overview of the Saints for the day.

I can't believe I've had such a valuable resource available to me and have never taken advantage of it.

I'm sold.

I've already subscribed!


  1. Over the years, I have had subscriptions off and on....what always gets me is the price, it's pretty spendy, but once I DO get it, I love it, I mostly love the readings of the day and the one page "talk" by whomever does it that particular day.

    Great review!

  2. You've got me seriously considering this subscription!! I have never seen it! And strangely, I ordered 2 subscriptions of 'Magnificat KIDS' for 2 little girls in our family that made their Holy First Communion this past spring.

  3. Thanks for the reminder! We got Mag Kids one year for a gift and I've forgotten about it since then! I'll have to go back and take a look at the adult version~sounds just like what I need!


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