Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Daybook 10-06-10 First time for everything....

Outside My Window... the sun is shining, the corn has not been cut because of the rain and a broken tractor axle

I Am Listening To... laptop keys, bathroom fan, pages turning

I Am Wearing... pajamas, robe, slippers

I Am Grateful For... a husband who works very hard

I Am Pondering... "The other way to cut down the whining is to stop your own. This means getting enough sleep and avoiding stress. In my experience, full-time jobs interrupt sleep to an insupportable degree: there is no siesta time." ~ The Idle Parent by Tom Hodgkinson

I Am Reading... just finished the above, on to Cherry Ames

I Am Thinking... about this blog. It needs a change, and so do I

I Am Creating... plans for upcoming house guests

On my MP4... Convoy by C. W. McCall. Aah, the memories...

Towards a Real Education... we are starting week 5 of our first term - it's all good

Towards Rhythm and Beauty... I want to paint the bathroom

To Live the Liturgy... we'll have a tea party tomorrow for Our Lady of the Rosary

I Am Hoping and Praying... for Lisa

In the Garden... bad gardening year for me. Next year will be better.

From the Kitchen... 6-week muffins this morning, chicken mole for dinner

One of my Favorite Things... my kids laughter

A Few Plans for the rest of the Week...
physical for me. Ugh.

A Picture Thought...

on the way to Madeline Island


  1. Oh, my gosh, your kiddos have grown so much since I last saw you!!

    What color are you going to paint the bathroom?

    Nice to hear a peep out of you!

  2. Oh, your kiddos are beautiful by the way!


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