Saturday, August 21, 2010

Could you belong to the Missionaries of Charity?

From Mother Teresa's rule...

::Speak as little as possible about yourself;

::Keep busy with your own affairs and not those of others;

::Avoid curiosity;

::Do not interfere in the affairs of others;

::Accept small irritations with good humor:

::Accept censures even if unmerited;

::Give in the the will of others;

::Accept insults and injuries;

::Accept contempt, being forgotten and disregarded;

::Be courteous and delicate, even when provoked by someone;

::Do not seek to be admired and loved;

::Do not protect yourself behind your own dignity;

::Give in in discussions even when you are right;

::Choose always the more difficult task.


  1. I'm thinking that is why she is a Saint and I am not. Not that these are not virtues to strive for, but they would be very hard to achieve on your own.
    God give me grace to implement them one at a time!!

  2. I am having a moment of sad clarity, as I read that list, as each one made me cringe a little and quickly move on to the next one, hoping it was something I might be able to do! I am feeling especially small and weak right now. I'm grateful I am heading out to mass very shortly.

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  4. Nope. I failed on ALL of the rules. Except maybe that last one...especially when I seem to always take the most difficult path to Heaven.

  5. About the only thing I'm good at is "give in to the will of others" only because it's just easier to let someone else make the decisions.

    Avoid curiosity, forgetaboutit. I'm much too curious for my own good.

  6. It's just like that Litany of Humility, in which I need to pray more often!

    Thanks for this today!

  7. This was quite a sobering post for me Paula. I kept thinking, ok maybe the next one. and what so un-saintlike about "curiosity" anyway? ;) But this has prompted me to give this all a try.

  8. Hi Paula, re your questions on my blog: if you use as I did, they give you the option of laying out the book yourself, or having a program lay out the book. I chose to lay out myself. That part was very time consuming in the beginning but when you get used to it, it went rather quickly. I really enjoyed doing the layout myself. The book covers 2009 (only 6 months since I started the blog in July). It is a little over three hundred pages. The cost was $90 (that included shipping). From date of order until date of receipt was about 5 days. Even though the order confirmation said it would not ship before Sept 5, I received it late August. you can have your whole blog downloaded into the program or just certain posts. you can also add posts that you create that weren't on your blog.

  9. Oh my goodness that's hard! It kind of reminds me of the Litany of Humility, which I always have a hard time praying with sincerity (do I really want others to be consulted rather than me?).

    I think I'll print this out and use it as an examen of conscience (or at least a "try one of these virtues each week") list. Thank you for posting it.


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