Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad

I really miss you.


  1. Happy birthday to your dear Dad. The angels are singing him the happy birthday song today!

  2. Thanks, Paula.

  3. Happy Birthday to him. I always think....birthdays must be pretty sweet in the afterlife, don't you think?
    Now, excuse me for asking, Paula...but which one is your dad in the photo? I'm so curious about the photo. are making me very curious today. lol

  4. is he the one in what looks to be a sort of hospital bed (thinking military type) while possibly smoking a cigarette?
    i too am curious about the pic, do tell!

    and, hi paula's mom. . . cant wait to meet you soon. . . and for you to babysit your adopted grandkids ;)

  5. that is *so* carey grant - so don't keep us in suspense any longer... tell us the story behind the picture :)

  6. Sorry! I thought I did share the story! My dad joined the Navy right after high school and was stationed in Japan. He and four of his buddies had some free time and were off the base driving in a jeep. There was an accident, and my dad was the only survivor. While he was recuperating, Cary Grant heard about him and visited him.


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