Thursday, January 7, 2010

Review: Annulment

Have you ever received an Annulment?

Do you know anyone who has?

Are you or a loved one contemplating pursuing an Annulment?

Do you know what an Annulment is? Really?

If you've never been through the Annulment process, it can be grueling. Trust me, I've been through it.

Annulment: 100 Questions and Answers for Catholics is a wonderfully short book about the entire process. Written by Canon lawyers, it answers questions like:
  • are annulments only for Catholics?
  • is it a Catholic divorce?
  • do I need a lawyer?
  • how much will this cost?
  • if I do this, are my children illegitimate?

I wish I had read this book before going through the process. It makes the entire process less of a mystery, and really explains the reasons behind decisions. Whether you are contemplating this for yourself, are currently going through one, or want to be supportive of a friend or family member, I highly recommend reading this gem of a book.

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  1. I have.
    I read 2 books, while going through the process, but don't remember the names...they helped a ton and answered all those questions!

    It was not grueling for me, but I sought out the annulment right away, and couldn't wait to put that part of my life behind me!

    I would suggest if anyone is going through a divorce that they should seek out an annulment right away, not to wait until they fall in love again, just to get it all right with God.

    One very important thing that kept me going and feeling ok about the whole divorce thing was that: divorce is not a sin.

    The sin comes in to play if there is not an annulment and the divorced person dates or kisses others, or more...then wants to get remarried and can't in the Church.

    A lot of people need to know that divorce is not a sin, even though it is looked upon as just that.

    Divorce is just a legality.

  2. What a great idea, to bring such a book to light, Paula. I know my knowledge about annulments is probably quite limited, and one can never know enough about their faith. I am faced with questions about my faith by others all of the time, by those from within and not of the Catholic faith. For various reasons and circumstances.
    I'd really like to be one that really has a complete, thorough and deep understanding of my faith, whether the area pertains to my personal life, or not. So I strive to accept any opportunity to learn more.
    Thanks for the recommendation.

  3. I was married for 22 when I was divorced. It was emotionally grueling, and there was little information about how a Catholic can recognize being in an invalid marriage. Though I spoke with more than several priests, the emotional weight was crippling at times. I had 2 teenagers and it was very difficult for them since they were taught -- get married; stay married.

    Right after the divorce, though, I petitioned for annulment. It was granted. Even so, self reconciliation was quite difficult.

    It's been about 3 years since the annulment, and a book with questions and answers would have maybe made the entire process, i.e divorce/annulment less anxiety ridden.

    Bottom line: it's a very healing process. I know several people who are divorced and are afraid of the annulment process. I think, as a Catholic, staying in the state of divorce prevents healing. A book like yours answers questions and hopefully will alleviate doubts. It's that kind of thing you can read. You don't have to spill your guts out to someone who may not understand, but in silence receive that direction that will lead one back home.



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