Tuesday, September 1, 2009

With heavy heart

This has been a sad afternoon.

A very dear online friend, who I will finally meet this Christmas, lost her young son today.

Colleen's baby Bryce died in his sleep this afternoon.

Wrapping the Mitchell family in prayers...


  1. :( I am so sad to find this news, Paula. My heart is heavy for them as well. They will certainly be in my prayers.

  2. OH, I'm so sorry for them too, they will be in my prayers! Was he sick?

  3. I've been keeping the Mitchell family in my prayers. ♥

  4. Prayers. I only just came by and this day is already a day of prayer for those lost on 9/11. More prayers to be prayed. God bless that family and keep them in His care.

  5. I've been keeping them in my prayers and sharing their story with others. I hope they are feeling okay and so blessed that he had recieved his Baptism prior.


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