Friday, May 29, 2009

Thursday's Second Stop

We ended our time at the Capitol with a picture session on the steps.

Then we started our next tour with pictures on the steps while waiting for Grandma to join us.

This building is so rich with images and windows - breathtaking!
Her favorite...St. Therese...

Sacred Heart...

His favorite...Infant of Prague...

Original bell...

LEGO model of the Cathedral...

Group consensus was that the middle section was missing. No explanations around, other than a sign that said "Please Do Not Touch".

We finished up our day with a leisurely tour through the suburb I grew up in, and then a tour of crazymama's beautiful church.

We will go back to tour her church, because there was a wake in progress. I am not as much of a rebel as she is, and I refused to go into the church and walk around and look at icons up by the deceased body. She should have won the award!

We had a great day. I'm so glad our family has met her and her family!


  1. wait a second, two posts in one day. . . you feeling ok?
    i bet laura still wanted to go see the church, dead gal and all.

  2. Such pretty pictures. I have never been there before but would love to go.

  3. Pauly, I am working on something that I cannot talk about here. Would you please e-mail me so I can tell you what it is. My address is on my blog. Thanks, Evy Gramma2many

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog and your reassuring words about my sons military enlistment.

    I enjoyed your blog, I spent quite a bit of time here today! LOVED the photos.

  5. Eh, I wish you would have just gone in with me! We could have, easily passed ourselves off as pretend mourners. I'm sure the dead dude wouldn't have minded.

  6. Looks like a wonderful day. I love the colors of your blog, really lovely.


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