Friday, March 13, 2009

Ignorance is bliss...

HT: Elizabeth


  1. well, he is the king of linguistics . . . i did not have sex with that woman! if its not fertilized then its not a baby (and i dont think an embryo either, but lets not look at the technicalities) so you prolifers got nothing here. what an idiot.

  2. I had the same thought. He doesn't even realize that it has to be fertilized in order to become an embryo. Others like to poke at Pres GW Bush for coming across as a little slow, but even Bush knows about the preciousness of life in ALL stages. Someone needs to have another Birds 'n Bees talk with the Clintons (and Obamas).

  3. Nice blog..will add you to my links.

  4. Hi There Paula!

    I am from S. E. Texas...about 80 miles from Houston. I am the mother of four great teenagers. This beloved and I will celebrate our 25th anniversary!

    I'm not very good at writing about myself...but sure hope we can get to know each other.


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